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kyou kara maou caption competitions

*******************THIS COMM IS NOW CLOSED!**************

The entries inside will remain for viewing purposes only.


A Kyou Kara Maou community brought to you by starrose17 and co-hosted with daikaio.

Please ensure you read the rules below before joining this comm!

Have you ever stared at a screencap for KKM and laughed to yourself thinking, "Omg that looks so dodgy", and proceed to imagine the characters saying or doing something else in that screencap?

You've come to the right place!

kkm_caption is a competition site where those imaginative "captions" can be shared with others! Every week there shall be three KKM screencaps posted and you can share your captions in reply! See what others type, have a laugh! At the end of the week a winner will be chosen by vote, so YOUR choice counts! The more captions the better, so please, get that creative imagination going and make the KKM characters wonder what they've got themselves in to!

* Every Saturday three random KKM screencaps shall be posted, chosen from ALL episodes, including the OVA's and the new series 3.

* You have until the following Tuesday at 6pm GMT time to post your captions in reply to the post.

* On the Wednesday starrose17 and daikaio shall pick the best three captions from each screencap that have been given and place them in three separate poll's for YOU to vote for your favourite! Therefore there shall be a winner and two runners up for EACH screencap that week.

* The following Saturday the results shall be posted! The winners will have a banner made for them to use if they wish.

1) Only post your captions in reply to the posted screencap entry. Do not make your own posts. Feel free however to comment on each other's captions! People like to know if they've made you laugh ;).

2) There's no limit on how many captions you want to make, so go crazy! But if you make it to the final poll only ONE of your captions will be used per poll to keep it fair.

3) Obviously this WILL contain Boys Love captions, but try not to go over an R rating.

4) You don't have to make captions for all three screencaps during each week, if you only want to do one that's fine.

5) Only post a caption in reply to the screencap LJ entry, not someone's comment on the entry or I may miss your caption. Also please try to keep your spelling as accurate as possible, because if you win your caption will be simply copied and pasted into a winning banner.

6) You are NOT allowed to vote for your own caption in the polls, that is STRICTLY forbidden as it is not fair against other entries. You can vote in the poll, but not for yourself. Voting is for members only so please join the comm rather than just watching it if you wish to vote. If you are caught voting for yourself, not only will you receive one strike against your name, but you will be banned from participating in the next weeks competition.

7) Play nice children ^_^ If you don't agree with a pairing someone has done in their caption, don't go and flame it. This is a happy comm with happy people, we will not tolerate nasty behaviour.

8) In regards to points 6 & 7 above, this comm now runs the "3 Strike" rule. 3 strikes and your banned from the comm. So I reiterate, no voting for yourself and don't get nasty with people!